Mineopoly is my first big plugin. It is like the classical board game but in minecraft. With it's many features and it's easy to use UI everybody has fun. You can play with 2 to up to 8 frineds.
Mineopoly is also ideal for smaller or bigger server networks because of it's uncomplicated use with server proxys like BungeeCord or Waterfall. The easy configuration through the config file allows every server owner to customize his own game of Mineopoly.


Here is a selection of features the plugin has:

- Prebuild maps
- Dice roll animation
- Custom texturepack for premade icons and GUI's
- Different languages configurable (german and english)
- All prices and names are configurable
- Houserules (get 400 on Go, bankrupt end, get rent in prison,...)
- Trading system
- Works fine on networks (BungeeCord, Waterfall,...)
- Auctionhouse for auctioning streets
- Smart bankrupt calculator
- Config file


You can buy the plugin on SpigotMC or on Polymart


If you have questions, want give feedback or want to talk about the plugin feel free to join the discord or contact me on SpigotMC.